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At Lakshita, we believe that body positivity is more than just another movement that will fade away with time. And being a brand that manufactures women’s apparel, we knew it way before the calls demanding representation started making noise that we need to do our bit in promoting and further strengthening this movement. That is why we started manufacturing plus-size clothing for women, particularly plus-size ethnic wear for women. We are aware that the body positivity movement is not just about the shapes and sizes of the human body, but we knew that by making plus-size clothes, we were giving our best in an area that was under our control.

The emergence of the body positivity movement has provided a platform for plus-size women to challenge societal norms and reclaim their confidence as body positivity promotes self-love, acceptance, and inclusivity for individuals of all sizes. Plus-size influencers, models, and activists have played a significant role in advocating for equal representation in the media, and the fashion industry, and their visibility has sparked important conversations about body diversity, paving the way for greater acceptance and appreciation of plus-size women.

But, we see how, despite the calls for inclusivity and representation in today's society, the market for plus-size ethnic clothing remains largely underserved. Plus-size women often face numerous challenges when it comes to finding ethnic clothing that fits well and makes them feel good, which is not fair at all. Now, the thing about ethnic wear is that it is often deeply rooted in cultural heritage and holds great sentimental value. And when women are unable to find ethnic wear in their size, it can leave them feeling excluded and disconnected from their own culture.

In this blog post, we will throw some light on why making plus-size ethnic wear for women is not a choice but a need.

1) The first reason is how plus-size ethnic wear allows women of all sizes to freely express their cultural identity, and develop a sense of belonging to their roots. Not just this, plus-size ethnic wear also pushes women to accept and embrace themselves the way they are without going under the knife or developing low self-esteem.

2) The second reason is that it is simply unfair for women to not be able to wear whatever they want just because we are conditioned to believe that certain styles only look good on an ideal body type. If a woman likes cotton kurtis, then she should be able to find them in her size.

3) Thirdly, it is quite important for brands to understand that plus-size ethnic clothing is a way to send a positive message that every body type is worthy of representation and that all bodies are beautiful. Be it embroidered wear or printed styles, everything looks good on everyone and even plus-size women deserve to choose from a plethora of options.

4) Lastly, if fashion brands can make the fashion industry a better place by making plus-size kurtas for women or plus-size women’s bottom wear, why not do it? The responsibility of making women feel comfortable in their bodies falls on the shoulders of widely known apparel brands. And most importantly, brands need to know that by manufacturing plus-size clothing, they are not doing plus-size women a favour.

Now, some people believe that by making plus-size clothes, brands often end up promoting obesity without knowing. At Lakshita, we are well aware of the consequences of obesity, but we also know that plus-size ethnic wear has very little to do with it. And we also know that as long as an individual is healthy, it does not really matter what his or her size and body weight is. It’s high time that we learn that the numbers on the weight machine and the size of someone’s body are not indicators of someone’s mental and physical health. So the idea that plus-size clothing promotes obesity is nothing but just a myth.

Now, we will talk about how here at Lakshita, every single piece of clothing we design comes in sizes up to 3XL, and sometimes even 4XL. Unlike multiple other brands, we do not have a limited selection dedicated to plus-size women, all of our creations cater to them. We do not have plus-size kurta sets, all of our kurta sets are plus-size. The same goes for every other type of garment we make. So whether you are a curvy beauty looking for ethnic bottoms for women or the prettiest georgette kurtas online, do give Lakshita a chance!

In a society that often perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards, it is crucial to celebrate and embrace the diversity of body shapes and sizes. Plus-size women, with their unique beauty and confidence, are breaking barriers and redefining traditional notions of what real beauty is, and making plus-size ethnic clothing is the least we can do in order to further motivate them and bring about a positive change altogether.

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