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"There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.”


Our friends are our chosen family, and despite not being related by blood, they end up playing a vital role in our lives, acting as our support system. And Friendship Day is a gentle reminder for us to show some love to the special bonds we share with our friends, dedicated to celebrating the treasured relationships we have with our closest companions.

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship with your friends or live in the same city but cannot hang out often, we would recommend you dedicate this Friendship Day to them. Take out some time for them, show them how much you care, and spoil them till their hearts are full.

And if you are a fashion enthusiast who would love to give her friends the gift of style, please know that just like all other occasions, Lakshita has got you covered for friendship day too with a specially curated gift guide for different kinds of friends. When it comes to gifting your best friend, choosing the perfect outfit that suits their personality and style can make the gesture even more meaningful. Each best friend is unique, with distinct tastes and preferences. So whether your friend is a desi diva or an always on-the-go person, this guide has got options in both traditional wear and Indo-Western clothing. To help you find the ideal outfit for your best friend, here are some suggestions based on different types of personalities:

1. The Desi Diva:

If your friend is inclined towards ethnic wear, and you are looking for options in ethnic wear for your bestie, opt for embroidered kurta sets such as this yellow-coloured kurta set. It carries a certain regal charm and will surely make your bff stand out with its lovely colour and design.

Another beautiful option is this beige-coloured kurta set showcasing enticing embroidery. If your friend has a thing for floral wear, she is bound to fall in love with this outfit.

2. The Classic and Timeless:

For the best friend who appreciates timeless elegance and prefers classic styles, go for pieces that exude sophistication and grace. This yellow floral- printed kurta for women is one such example.

Alternatively, a timeless kaftan kurta can never go wrong. Look at this red printed kaftan kurta milled from cotton that will match your best friend's refined taste and effortlessly elegant demeanour.

3. The Bohemian Spirit:

If your best friend has a free-spirited and bohemian style, consider gifting them an outfit that embraces their love for flowing fabrics, earthy tones, and mesmerizing work. A long dress such as this blue embroidered dress would be an ideal choice, allowing her to embrace her beauty and personal style.

Apart from this, this beige A-line dress is a great choice as well, which will give her an empty canvas to experiment with as much as she wants with the accessories.

4. The Always-on-the-go Girl:

For the best friend who is busy climbing the corporate ladder or managing her own business, opt for comfortable and functional outfits that reflect their professionalism. Consider gifting them this navy blue classic shirt which can be paired with different types of bottoms.

5. The Minimalist:

If your best friend prefers a minimalist and understated style, choose pieces that are sleek, clean, and devoid of excessive embellishments. Minimally embroidered tunics in a subtle tone would be perfect. Look at this pink solid tunic with a keyhole neck and bell sleeves for example, which will surely help your friend achieve that clean and classy look and can be paired with both ethnic bottom wear as well as formal bottoms.

6. The Trendsetter:

If your best friend is always ahead of the fashion curve and loves to experiment with new styles, leave alone tops & tunics and consider gifting them a trendy and fashion-forward outfit like this oh-so-stylish printed co-ord set in grey colour. This fashion-forward outfit will perfectly match your trendsetting friend’s vibrant personality.

Remember, while these suggestions cater to different types of personalities, the most important factor is to consider your best friend's individual tastes and preferences. Pay attention to their favourite colours, patterns, and silhouettes to ensure that the outfit you choose resonates with their personal style.

We hope this guide helps you in shortlisting the best outfit for your best friend. By gifting your best friend an outfit that aligns with their unique personality, you are not only expressing your love and appreciation but also showing that you understand and value their individuality. The perfect outfit can make them feel seen, understood, and loved, making your bond even stronger. And if you are looking for friendship day outfits for yourself to celebrate the day with your pals, even then you can trust this guide.

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