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Summer fashion is unimaginable without cotton kurtas and cotton kurta sets. Yes, you might fall for pretty summer dresses or chic rompers, but you simply cannot skip a cotton kurta or cotton kurti, for they have got you covered for a variety of occasions. Meeting at work? Slip into a printed cotton kurta. Dinner plans? Wear an embroidered cotton kurta set. Got no plans? Relax in a comfortable cotton kurti while doing your favourite thing. And comfort is not the only thing a cotton kurta offers. They also carry an elegant vibe, which makes them our go-to piece of clothing during the summer season.

The real reason cotton clothes are the first thing we look out for as soon as summer marks its arrival is the qualities of cotton fabric. Cotton, being a natural fibre, ensures that air can readily move through the cloth, which in return makes sure that your moist body parts dry up quickly. This helps you cool down quickly. There are other varieties of cotton as well that are quite popular in the market.

In this blog, we will explore how your cotton embroidered and printed kurtas and kurtis can be styled in a number of ways. At Lakshita, we believe that instead of hoarding multiple pieces of clothing, one should invest in a few high-quality pieces and learn to style one garment in multiple ways. This will help you become a conscious buyer, and is good both for the environment and your wardrobe. We will throw some light on how one should take care of their cotton clothing as well.

Ivory Palazzo with Hem Detail

1) Pair up with palazzos

The first thing we would suggest you pair up your favourite bandhani printed kurti or that mirror work cotton kurta is palazzos. Neutral-coloured palazzos go well with almost everything, and a cotton palazzo paired with a cotton kurta always looks unmatchable. Have a look at this palazzo by Lakshita that will match well with most of your kurtas.

2) Jeans for the win

We know just how much you love to wear t-shirts over your favourite pair of jeans. This time, try wearing a kurta over them. Formal kurtas and kurtis especially, look so good when worn along with a regular fit or wide-legged jeans. Try styling this pink cotton kurta with lace details with jeans and you will see just how classy they look together.

3) Style them up with shorts

If you are someone comfortable wearing shorts, try pairing up a short-printed cotton kurti with shorts. Comfortable and playful with a desi twist, short cotton kurtis worn with shorts look amazing. A fine example of a cotton kurti that will look great with shorts is this blue embroidered kurti.

4) Twirl with shararas

Just like neutral-coloured palazzos, neutral-coloured sharara pants are a must-have as well. Wear your cotton embroidered kurtis and kurtas with sharara pants like this charcoal black sharara and watch how you grab eyeballs everywhere you go.

5) Wear them as a dress

Anarkali-style cotton kurtas, especially printed Anarkali kurtas can be worn as a dress. You can try adding a belt for a more refined look or just wear them alone, whatever works best for you. This yellow printed kurti for example will look lovely when worn as a dress.

Everyone has different preferences as far as summer fashion is concerned. While some like to get themselves cute summer dresses, some like to buy printed shirts with full sleeves made from light fabrics suitable for summer. However, cotton kurtas are something almost everyone prefers. They are not only versatile but also provide a lot of comfort required to battle the summer heat. Since we live in a country where the temperature is high throughout most of the year, hence investing in good cotton designer kurtas and kurtis is something you will never regret. One of the simplest ways to properly dress up in the summer season, both short and long kurtas can elevate anyone’s fashion game when worn along with different kinds of styles. In fact, do not limit yourself to the above-mentioned options. Come up with your own ideas and find out what suits you the most.

Coming to how to take care of your cotton clothing, there are a few things you should always keep in mind. The most important one is washing them in cold water to minimise shrinkage. Also, cotton clothes require ironing since they are prone to creasing. However, make sure you don’t overdo it. Since there are various varieties of cotton, following the instructions mentioned on the label is always a good idea.

To conclude, it can be said that cotton kurtas are one of the best ways to beat the summer heat in style. At Lakshita, we have got plenty of cotton kurtas, kurtis, and tunics that you can get your hands on. We have got pieces made from other fabrics suitable for summer as well, and you must check them out if you are looking for something to amp up your summer wardrobe. Do explore our other creations as well, we promise you that you will surely fall in love with our designs. And always remember, Lakshita has got you covered for every occasion.

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