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Ethnic wear plays an important role in the lives of Indian women. Even though they are embracing Western trends with open arms, their love for ethnic wear is still there. An integral part of Indian culture, ethnic wear for women is deeply rooted in its traditions and customs, and wearing it not only showcases our rich cultural heritage but also keeps our traditions alive. Also, it promotes a sense of pride in our culture and makes us feel good about our cultural identity.  

The best part of ethnic clothing for women is how beautifully it has evolved with time in order to satiate the needs of the modern Indian woman. Heavily embroidered kurtas worn in the Mughal courts are still there, but there are also intricately embroidered comfortable kurtas and simple printed kurtis that women can wear on a daily basis. With brands like Lakshita creating styles that are a beautiful medley of traditional & western elements, ethnic wear for women has emerged as a go-to option for multiple options ranging from work to weddings.

However, there are several guidelines that one should always adhere to when dressing in ethnic attire to ensure that they always look put together without sacrificing their comfort. To help you fully grasp the dos and don'ts of ethnic attire, we will go over some of the most significant ones in this blog.

1) The first one is knowing your body type. Before you start shopping for ethnic wear, it's important to know what your body type is and what styles will accentuate your best features. Just because anarkali-style long kurta sets look good on someone else does not mean they will look good on you as well. Maybe your body will look better in shararas or salwar kurta sets. A fine example of the same is how sarees look great on hourglass body types and lehengas look good on pear-shaped bodies.

2) The second one is choosing the right fabrics. For summer festivities, you cannot go ahead with a velvet ethnic kurta set no matter how pretty it looks and you cannot drape yourself in a pure cotton saree for a winter wedding.

3) The third point is always to keep in mind what the occasion is. If you think you can wear a heavily embroidered kurta set for a casual day out with friends, or a basic printed ethnic dress to someone’s wedding festivities, it simply will not work. And always make sure to abide by the dress code, if any.

4) Next on, we would suggest you learn what colours compliment your skin tone perfectly. Some women look amazing in vibrant hues while pastel shades look good on others. You should have a few colours figured out to help you in moments of urgency.

5) Another vital point to always keep in mind is the power of accessories. Accessories can make or break a look so it is important to pick the ones that add to the beauty of your outfit instead of drawing all attention towards them. One simple tip is to go for heavy accessories with simple outfits like printed cotton kurta sets and lightweight jewellery for outfits showcasing complex designs and details.

6) Now, we will talk about how you need to always make sure that you try on your clothes before buying them. An ill-fitting outfit can take away the allure of your look. And we know oversized is the trend these days, but be aware that this does not work well with every garment. You can try pairing up oversized full-sleeve kurtas with trousers or flared jeans, but an oversized sharara will not look good.

7) Lastly, we would suggest you discover your own personal style and stop blindly following trends. Experiment with various styles and figure out which ones suit you the most, whether you are a cotton embroidered kurtis with jeans kind of person or a classy co-ord set for women sort of person. And do not purchase something if it does not look good on you just because it is trendy.

Since Lakshita has been in business for more than twenty years, we have learnt a lot and have put together a list of essential guidelines for all women who love ethnic clothing. By no means are these guidelines meant to prevent you from doing your own experiments since we have always been big believers in trial and error. These guidelines are only here to provide you with a rough idea of what to stay away from when it comes to ethnic wear for women.

We aspire to be more than just a brand selling clothes, we are here to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and that is why we are always here for you. From festivals to trips, we have got you covered with our exquisitely designed pieces. And like we always say, look after yourself and let us at Lakshita look after your fashion needs!

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