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"A great dress can make you remember what is beautiful about life." - Rachel Roy

A one-piece garment consisting of a skirt and a bodice, dresses have been here forever. Traditionally worn by girls and women, the dress has been through tons of changes and has evolved into various different types. From long, flowing gowns worn in the Middle Ages to short, revealing dresses worn today, dresses have undergone massive transformation but have managed to remain a constant in women’s fashion.

Be it a knee-length embroidered net dress or a printed midi dress for women, all sorts of dresses act as a symbol of femininity and elegance and hold a special place in the world of fashion because of their timeless appeal. Also, dresses carry a unique ability to boost a woman's self-esteem and make her feel empowered. In fact, the right dress is even capable of transforming her mood by accentuating her best features and making her fall in love with herself. Dresses also serve as a means for self-expression, allowing women to flaunt their individuality and unique sense of style. By choosing different types of colours, patterns, and designs in dresses, women get to showcase their unfiltered selves and make a fashion statement. Most importantly, dresses can and have served as a tool in challenging societal norms and breaking stereotypes.

We, at Lakshita are aware that these days women's fashion is no longer limited by social norms and women are free to express themselves through their clothing. However, since we are a brand slightly inclined towards traditional elegance, we design dresses that come with a classy, old-school vibe. Dresses for women from the house of Lakshita cannot be categorized as Western wear for women, as most of them come laden with traditional elements.

So without further ado, allow us to take you through our collection of stunning dresses, which are all you need to accentuate your beauty and bring out the diva that resides within you.


One of our fast-selling pieces and our personal favourite, this wine-coloured floral embroidered dress is the best pick for those who believe in the power of minimalistic clothing style. This dress offers an unlimited amount of comfort and freedom to experiment with different kinds of looks.


If you are looking for summer dresses, you must check out this oh-so-beautiful pink dress that comes with button detailing, lacework, and puffed sleeves. The allure of this dress is associated with its simplicity and the vintage charm it comes with.


Another lovely piece from the house of Lakshita is this black dress for women that comes with lace detailing all over. When paired with black pointed-toe heels and a black mini bag, this dress will make you channel your inner Audrey Hepburn.


Fan of embroidered dresses? Look no further as this blue dress featuring eye-catching embroidery all over offers everything you can possibly ask from a dress. It comes with a round neck and 3/4th sleeves and can be worn to various kinds of events.


We can never stop gushing over this wine-coloured frill dress that comes adorned with enticing embroidery. Loved by many of our customers, this dress is a beautiful amalgamation of comfort and class.


Now, if you love a-line dresses, you need to have a look at this light blue embroidered dress. Milled from a cotton-blend fabric, this dress provides you with the opportunity to play around with different sorts of accessories.


Another option from our newly launched collection is this green boho long dress. Style it however you want and this dress will definitely make you feel comfortable throughout the day.

To have a look at some other dresses by Lakshita, feel free to browse through our collection online or visit the nearest offline store. All the dresses made by us are graceful and suitable for women coming from all age groups.

We believe that more and more women should wear dresses as they are associated with femininity and push women to embrace and celebrate their womanhood. They are also quite versatile, as they come in a wide variety of designs, styles, and lengths. Additionally, they provide ease of movement which makes them a convenient choice for many women. Not only this, dresses are a complete outfit which saves women from the headache of deciding what type of bottoms to pair with a certain type of top. Lastly, it’s how wearing a dress instantly lifts up spirits and makes women look and feel amazing which makes them a worthy addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

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