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As someone rightly said, “Cotton wear is a gentle reminder that simplicity is beautiful.”

In the past few decades, countless new types of fabrics have been introduced in the clothing industry. However, cotton still stands tall as the ultimate summer fabric, as a symbol of comfort and grace. There are several factors that make the cotton fabric the go-to fabric, such as the comfort and the breathability it provides. Cotton feels quite gentle and soothing against skin and on top of that, it is also quite durable and versatile. Additionally, cotton is natural and sustainable which means that it is not harming the environment like certain other synthetic fabrics.

In this blog, our primary focus will be on ethnic cotton wear for women from the house of Lakshita. Be it our cotton kurtas or cotton dresses, every piece is a lovely amalgamation of comfort and versatility, and reflects Lakshita’s commitment to delivering the best quality to its customers.

Now, we will be showcasing some of our hot-selling cotton clothing options that you can consider purchasing if you are looking for some airy, lightweight and statement-making pieces to add to your summer closet.


At first, we have our ethnic kurta sets milled from high-quality cotton that are the epitome of sheer elegance. Whether you are attending a meeting at work or a brunch date with friends, our cotton kurta sets are a chic and comfy option that will accentuate your beauty while keeping you at ease. This ivory-coloured embroidered kurta set is one of them.


Have a thing for fusion wear? Take a look at our collection of embroidered cotton tunics. These tunics blend the charm of traditional Indian styles with modern designs, representing the fashion choices of today's Indian women. With their versatility, these tunics can be effortlessly styled for a wide range of occasions, suitable for both casual and formal events. Check out this red cotton tunic adorned with dori embroidery, which is perfect for multiple occasions and guarantees a stylish appearance.


Our designer cotton tops are no less, as they have become a popular choice among our customers within a short span of time. This is due to the comfort they offer, the versatility they carry, and the unique designs they come in. This black-coloured cotton top is one of them and will prove to be worth every single penny.


Our summer cotton kurtis are another must-have option for the hot and humid summer months, again, offering both style and comfort. These kurtis will keep you cool and fresh throughout the day and their loose silhouettes ensure optimal air circulation. Available in a wide variety of colours, they are capable of creating different sorts of looks with different types of bottoms. This yellow-coloured mid-length cotton kurti is a fine example of the same.


Our cotton embroidered dresses are another great choice for those who prefer a touch of sophistication in their summer looks. Flaunting bewitching details, these dresses come dipped in one-of-a-kind hues and can be worn on both casual as well as special occasions. Look at this oh-so-pretty dress exuding vintage vibes for example.


Our ethnic bottom wear made from cotton is as good as all our other options, and these cotton beige-coloured palazzo pants for women prove that. Blending versatility with comfort, these palazzo pants can be paired with kurtas, kurtis, prove that. Blending versatility with comfort, these palazzo pants can be paired with kurtas, kurtis,


This blog discussing cotton wear for women by Lakshita will remain incomplete if we do not talk about our cotton kaftans. Laden with enticing details and soaked in vibrant colours, these kaftans are a must-have essential if you are planning to slay the summer season. From beach parties to brunch dates, these kaftans have got your back on numerous occasions. This yellow coloured kaftan is a beautiful example of the same.

All of the garments mentioned above have their own set of distinctive characteristics that sets them apart from other options available in the market. They are unique in every way and are intricately designed by our team of in-house designers. Apart from them, we have also got other options in ethnic cotton wear that you must have a look at. Wearing cotton is like embracing nature, and it really is the ultimate summer companion for all the fashion enthusiasts out there who take the comfort aspect of garments seriously. So hurry up and go through Lakshita’s collection of ethnic cotton wear for women and grab your favourites before they go out of stock. Be it our kurtis or our palazzo pants, all the cotton garments from the house of Lakshita will surely help you grab attention without even trying much!

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